Aston Richards

First Impressions

Aston Richards reminds of the girl in high school that was incredibly beautiful but had a sweet smile and seemed like she would actually be friendly if you could muster the courage to talk to her. She almost looks that young too. Her body is slim and tight and she`s generous with that great smile. She also comes with small tits and a tight ass and in her image sets and videos I get the feeling she`s going to be doing lots of beautiful solo action. Some of the pictures on the tour are pretty big too so that means high resolution content is likely.

Hot Promises

The picture galleries are promised at a minimum resolution of 1024px and obviously all the content is exclusive. She also says it`s her first time doing any naked stuff online and based on how young she looks you`d have to believe it`s the truth. There are zip files for the pictures and the videos too are promised in high resolution. There should be multiple formats for each scene and high quality encoding that makes them ready to be burned onto a DVD for viewing on your television. If all those things are true it`s going to be a good time inside.


Inside the site is cleanly designed with the most recent picture updates listed at the very top and teasers of the next sets coming below them. They also show the recently added videos. At the moment she`s adding two new picture galleries a week and every two weeks she drops in a new video. That`s a pretty good rate for a solo girl like Aston but it`s always better when more updates are coming.

Along the top of the page you`ll find all the content areas you can visit, which are basically limited to picture galleries and videos. This site is awfully new having launched in June 2009 (it`s only August as I write this) so she doesn`t have a ton of stuff up yet but I`m confident that it will get bigger and better as long as she stays committed to producing new goodies. Plus, they had the content dates on the tour so you should be able to check if she`s making new picture and video sets for you.

The galleries are organized by month. You see a picture with the month underneath it and you click the month to see everything that was added during that period. I don`t really understand the need for setting up the galleries like this. It creates a lot of unnecessary clicking and since she`s not doling out a ton of content every month it`s not like you`d get confused. For each gallery, so far there are 24 of them, you get a little preview picture. That`s it though. There`s no title and no description and the thumbnail is actually a little small.

I would have made the thumbnails for bigger throughout the site. It`s a tad annoying to have to lean in close to see what she`s wearing in the picture or what kind of pose she`s doing. Most of the image sets have 75-150 pictures and they display at the 1024px, as promised (which is a little bit small nowadays). You can download a zip file if you want a permanent copy on your hard drive. Everything on the site loads really quickly so it`s a breeze browsing through the member`s area in case speed is a concern.

It`s a new site so it`s not big yet but Aston Richards really brings the beauty. In the short note on the tour she says she`s a model and it`s easy to believe. She has the long and lean body of a catwalking girl and she has the pretty face necessary to pull of catalog work. I`m particularly fond of her smile because it makes her seem so friendly and approachable. Her legs are perfect; they`re not so thin that they look scary but they`re obviously not big either. They`re just amazing and would be a dream to caress.

Her goal seems to be to wear as little clothing as possible in her image sets and videos. Most of the time she starts the set half dressed and then she`s down to her panties in no time at all. She`s a topless model so her young pussy will be staying private but that still leaves plenty for you to enjoy. My personal favorite set shows her posing in a delicate piece of black lingerie and black lace panties while wearing wings like a Victoria`s Secret model. Everything about her is perfect in the set but it`s the lingerie that really puts it over the top.

So far there are seven videos for download and you can expect that number to creep up very slowly based on the slow addition rate. There`s no information available on them other than a very small screenshot and the size of the QuickTime or WMV file. She`s mostly just walking around naked though so you don`t need much information. Seeing her body move is mesmerizing. In one video she`s in her garage polishing her car and she`s wearing a sexy animal print thong and high heels and I could have watched that over and over again all day long. Just to see her amazing ass and her long legs and her hot boobs was awesome. That`s what all the videos are like.

As promised they display at 1024x576 (that`s a little different than what was mentioned on the tour but it`s better because it`s widescreen) and they look pretty good. The bit rate is a little low at 2700kbps and they all have a home video feel, meaning they look a little grainy. That could be considered a good thing by some but I found it frustrating since I just wanted the movies to be clearer so I could appreciate her body even more.

There are nine bonus sites that come with a membership to Aston Richards and they`re very much necessary. They ask you to pay $34.95/month to join and that`s far too much for any site, let alone one that has so few content sets. To soften the blow of that ridiculous price they let you get at ten sites for the price of one. All the other sites feature young chicks looking hot so it`s a good network for fans of teenage beauty.

Croco’s Opinion

Aston Richards is exceptionally good looking and on her site you can experience that beauty in picture galleries and videos. Her slim body, her sweet smile and her small tits all come into play when it comes to making great content for her fans. The site is still young (as of August 2009) and there are only 24 galleries and 7 videos to be enjoyed. As long as she continues updating at least six times a month it will grow but it`s going to take some time. That`s why they give you nine bonus sites when you join. With those sites included I think a membership is a good deal. There aren`t many girls as attractive as Aston Richards so you should take the opportunity to spend some time with her, especially in those videos.


The site design makes getting to the various content sets awfully easy.

Pricing Policy

They ask $34.95/month and $69.95 for 30 days.

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